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Portrait of an Artist

Signed 2004
Original size: 21 1/2 in x 16 3/4 in

This portrait of an artist reveals Farber's fabulous skill in capturing the depth of a person’s soul. The painting technique used here is one of the most difficult watercolor techniques, as painting a water color portrait naturally requires a precision of the image, and, as a result, leaves almost no room for any mistakes. This concept is not such a concern in painting of the oil portrait, where an artist can easily replace the old paint with a new one, or paint over it.

In the painting, Farber symbolically shows a woman being an artist by gracefully holding a paint brush. The portrait focuses on the face where individual expression is best found. In the painting an artist wears a stylish blue hat that frames her face revealing not only Farber's ability to paint a striking portrait, but most importantly, her talent for depicting inner human qualities in a traditional and perfect composition.

Ema – Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

Signed 2006
Original size: 16 3/4 in x 10 3/4 in

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis has a special meaning for both David and Nechama Farber. It was she who invited David to come to New York City to introduce him to a shidduch and who would not let him go back to California until she found Nechama for him. Ironically, on one of her many trips to Jerusalem, the Rebbetzin met Nechama at a wedding. Being the perfect match for two orphaned young people, with great love and respect, the two refer to the Rebbetzin as “Ema.”

In the watercolor portrait or Rebbetzin Jungreis, Farber captures the radiance of their new Ema whose life was shaped by a childhood in Hungary, a devastating experience in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The Rebbetzin’s mission as a holocaust survivor is a determination to prove the Nazis philosophy completely invalid as she travels the world encouraging Orthodox Judaism.. Here the Rebbetzin is a glow with joy. She is wrapped in love by so many who revere her and her teachings. A symbolic bouquet is above her head as the Rebbetzin poses before an endless sky, the vastness of HaShem and the hope for the Jewish People.

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My Son, Let Me Teach You Torah

oil on canvas
Signed 2008
Original size: 51.2 in x 39.4 in

This extraordinary oil painting by Nechama Tamara Farber was commissioned by the majestic Old Riga Synagogue in Latvia, the only one of Riga’s fourteen synagogues to remain standing after the Holocaust.

Viewing this mainly realistic work of art is a multi-leveled delight for it is visually stunning and at the same time deeply meaningful. The viewer is amazed by the superbly life-like image of a wise and loving father teaching Torah to his son. The father, still wrapped in his tallit after morning prayers, sits with one arm lovingly around his son, and his other hand on the holy Talmud tractate from which they are learning. Both father and son radiate love and joy - for each other, and for the Torah.

The father’s finger points to a specific word, symbolizing the exactitude with which we are to learn and observe the Torah. To the side are his recently removed tefillin in which G-d’s Oneness is proclaimed, as well as the instructions to love Hashem with all we have, and to teach Torah, the commandments, and the love of G-d to our children.

The table at which father and son sit is covered by a richly embroidered burgundy tablecloth on which is a bowl of fresh fruit, expressing the loving abundance which Hashem constantly gives us through Nature. There is also a silver tea set and a glass to refresh oneself, as one learns out loud in the timeless melody of Torah study. These images, too, represent and express the Jewish reality for the Torah teaches us not to shun physicality, but rather to use it and elevate it to spirituality through the Torah and mitzvos (commandments). Thus the material world, too, helps us come closer to Hashem

Behind the father and son we see through large open arch windows a detailed panorama of ancient Jerusalem, the holiest city in the world. The sunlight of Jerusalem spills into the room and combines with the inner light emanating from father and son, giving a spiritual luminosity to the work. Farber’s choice of exquisitely blended colors enhance both the artistic and spiritual aspects of this magnificent scene which, through content, light and color, express the oneness of the Land of Israel, the People of Israel and the Torah.

This breathtaking and inspiring painting is an eternal moment in time for it is through fathers’ teaching their sons Torah that -- above and beyond any historical probability or logic -- the Jewish People have maintained the authenticity of Torah and Jewish life ever since the receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai over three thousand years ago until now!

30-day money back Guarantee! Limited Edition Giclée


oil on canvas
Signed 2007
Original size: 27 1/2 in x 22 in

Farber created this memorable painting with a group of three siblings. She portrays their youthful joy and childlike exuberance using vivid colors, a lively composition, and attention to the unique qualities of each child. The final portrait is a celebration of life and realism; it captures the spirit of the family that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Rabbi with Tehillim

Signed 2004
Original size: 21 1/2 in x 16 3/4 in

For a Jew, a Rabbi is the most revered and learned authority, who devotes his days to increasing his connection to HaShem by learning from Torah and great Jewish texts, helping people with their needs, praying, giving charity, and, over all, being a living model for all to exemplify. In the watercolor portrait, the Rabbi contemplates one of the universal 150 Psalms, many written by King David. The Rabbi’s radiant face is heavenward, and his eyes glow with joy, as the Rabbi performs, what Jews and many other peoples of the world have done for thousands of years, read Tehillim, Psalms.

In this portrait, Farber shows her skill with using the difficult medium of watercolors, especially in the folds of his Tallit, prayer shawl, his beard, and the rolling hills behind him. Symbolically, Farber adds two deer frolicking on the hill, reminding us of the days of King David and the glory when Psalms were written.

30-day money back Guarantee! Limited Edition Giclée

Portrait in Blue

Signed 2006
Original size: 18 in x 12 in

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