The Soul of a Holy People Portrayed in Holy Pictures

A Religious Inspiration

Nechama Tamara Farber is a fine artist who is known for creating paintings that express the holiness and beauty of Jewish life. Nechama's artistic training and work in many parts of the world, as well as her own understanding of and devotion to Judaism, imbue her work with richness, sensitivity, and authenticity. Farber draws with great accuracy, creating powerful images with precise detail. What is even more extraordinary about her art is that she always seeks to discover the inner essence, the spirituality which makes each image unique. There is a timeless and pure essence to everything she creates.

The Gift of Creating

"Who's the real Artist?" Nechama once introspected. "It's Hashem, our G-d! Look at His art - sunrise, sunset, flowers, fruits, human faces. Who can compare?" She stopped for a second and then continued: "I often feel that I am simply 'a brush in Hashem's hands'. When I am able to make a beautiful painting, it is only because Hashem has given me the privilege of doing so. Although the process of creating a painting is naturally intense and demanding, it fills me with such joy that I believe I can better understand the joy that Hashem has when He creates."

Jewish Art: As a Judaica Keepsake/Heirloom and Memorable Gifts

This website contains Nechama Tamara Farber's extraordinary paintings, drawings and paper-cuts which represent the finest of art and, in particular, the finest of Jewish art and religious themes. We highly recommend that you visit Nechama's Gallery to acquaint yourself with her magnificent works of art, and that you visit the Artist page to be fascinated and inspired by her life experiences. Check out the Acclaim page to see what others have said about Nechama's art. Visit Online Shop for museum quality limited edition prints, and Contact Nechama for any of your artistic needs, which might include a judaica art, religious art or portrait commission, or an original work of art from her Gallery. Once framed, a work of art by this brilliant and inspiring artist will surely bring joy to you and your family now and for generations to come.

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